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Karako Bhava Nashayathi

The word ‘Karaka’ means significator. ‘Bhava’ means house and Nashayati means destroys. “Karako bhava nashyati” means when a planet that signifies particular bhava signification occupies the same bhava then does not give good results with respect to its significations.


Sun, the significator of father, will not give good results with respect to father when positioned in the 9th house. Same way, Venus, the karaka for marriage and romance will not give good results regarding marriage when positioned in the 7th house of partnership. Moon, the karaka of mother, in the 4th house of mother does not give good results related to mother. Likewise, Jupiter, the karaka of wealth, children and gains, does not give wealth in 2nd, reduces results pertaining to children in 5th, and reduces results of gains in 11th house.

It is generally known as when bhava karaka occupies the same bhava then most of the time the native experiences "too much spouse”,” too much guru", or” too much father", too much wealth, too much mother etc. When you are given more and more sweets to eat, you will have some rejection towards sweet at some point of time and also there will not be much importance over sweets. Like wise, when Karaka Planet occupies its karaka bhava then the native will feel too much of it.

The planet occupying karaka bhava will destroy its signification of that bhava is the general rule or statement. One should not apply this rule blindly. This rule depends on, the overall strength of the horoscope, other planetary aspect, the placement of the dispositor of that planet and also the placement of the star lord of the bhava karaka planet.

I would like to share few instances of few horoscopes I have analyzed.

  1. It is known as, if Sun is placed in 10th house, then the native won’t enjoy good professional life and also there will be some distance between the native and his father. But it’s not true! The reason is according to Shad bala concept, Sun gets digbala (directional strength) when it is placed in the 10th house and also if Sun is yogakaraka for that particular horoscope then definitely he will give good results. The native will enjoy respective career life. So this rule failed here.

  2. Jupiter is the karaka of the 2nd, 5th, 10th and the 11th house. So when Jupiter is placed in any of these houses, then according to this rule, it will destroy the house related matters. For instance, if Jupiter is placed in 2nd house then it will spoil the wealth, family matters of an individual. But,according to me, this is untrue. In my experience, I have seen lot of people who are born with Jupiter in 2nd house, enjoying good wealth and family. And also it is knows as if Jupiter is placed in 5th house then he will destroy the progeny. But it is completely wrong. Wherever Jupiter is placed, it will bring positive strength to that house expect some cases.

  3. Mars is the karaka of the 3rd and the 6th house. So when Mars is placed in 3rd house, it will destroy your siblings, courage etc because 3rd house represents siblings and courage. But, I have come across the people having 3rd house Mars but they still have younger siblings and are brave.

  4. Venus is karaka of 7th house of marriage. It is knows as when Venus is placed in 7th house, it must give bad results in married life. But there are such cases where people who are having Venus in 7th are well settled in their long running married life.

  5. It is general notion that any planet if occupies its own indicator house will not perform well. The only exception is Saturn, Saturn being the natural indicator of longevity when occupies 8th house is generally considered to give long life to the native.

I would like to conclude that "Karako Bhavo Nashaya" does not work for all cases.

All depends on other planetary aspects; how the planet dispositor is placed, how the star lord of the planet is placed in the native horoscope and also how the particular planet is placed in related divisional chart.

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