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Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

Debilitation gets cancelled in the following formations:

  1. The lord of the sign where debilitated planet exalts is in a Kendra to Lagna or Moon. For example, the Venus debilitates in Virgo. It exalts in Pisces. So, the Pisces sign lord Jupiter should be in a Kendra to Lagna or Moon to cancel the debilitation of Venus or to get Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga for Venus. Another example: If Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, the Mercury itself which is the lord of Virgo, the sign of its exaltation, should be in a Kendra to Lagna or Moon. Thus, Mercury attains Neecha Bhanga if either Lagna or Moon is in any of the dual signs. It is for this purpose you find that dual signs give good communication abilities and produce many writes etc.

  2. The lord of the debilitation Rasi aspects that Rasi. Example: Moon aspecting the debilitated Mars in the Cancer sign.

  3. The lord of the debilitation Rasi and lord of exaltation Rasi of the debilitated planet are placed Kendra to each other.

  4. The debilitated planet is in Kendra from Moon or Lagna.

  5. The planet that exalts in the same rasi, is in Kendra from Moon or Lagna.

  6. When the planet in debility is conjoined with another planet which gets exalted in that sign, it leads to a situation where the troubled soul meets another who is exalted and powerful or the person who is best suited to help him out.

  7. The debilitated planet occupies its exaltation sign in the Navamsa chart. Every sign has nine Navamsa. Saturn is debilitated in Aries and the seventh Navamsa is that of Libra, its exaltation sign. Thus, if Saturn were to be between 20-23.20 degrees in Aries, neechabhanga is automatic. This implies that the native has done some very good dharmic karma in the past birth bringing forth the blessings of Bhagavan and hence his debilitated condition or troubles are forgiven and he gets relief.

Vipareeta Raj Yoga

Lord of 3rd/6th/8th/12th house lords are placed in another Dusthana (3,8,12) other than 6th, then it gives Vipareeta Raja Yoga and it can able to provide good and favorable results.

Any debilitated planet as the lord of inauspicious house like 6th/8th/12th is placed again in an inauspicious house like 3rd/8th/12th other than 6th house gives benefic results.

Due to this yoga a person will have good life and influencing personality. If the lord of 8th is placed in 12th house the person diseases will be destroyed, and he might have exceptional developed psychic powers.

Parivartan yoga

Exchange of signs between two planets causes Parivartan yoga.

This yoga indicates rapid rise in life and the adversities of theses planets/houses turn into benefits especially in the transition period/sub periods of these two planets.

For e.g. in a horoscope though Moon [in sign Scorpio] and Mars [in sign Cancer] are in their debilitated signs, gives good results because of their inter exchange yoga.


In a horoscope the debilitation is relived by good and benefice aspect/transits.

The placement of planets in the sign of its debilitation is only indicator of the strength of the planet.

A debilitated planet can produce great yoga in a horoscope, if it is a natural functional positive planet. For e.g. Venus placed in 8th house in the Virgo sign can give enormous prosperity and luxurious life to the native, besides being in the sign of debilitation and sitting in an inauspicious house.

The favorable or unfavorable results produced by a debilitated planet generally lack the strength and significance which is needed to generate significant results, so they are called debilitated or WEAK. It should never be mistaken for the functional nature of the planet. Even a debilitated planet can give excellent results if it is a functional benefice and positive in nature.

Major planets like Jupiter and Saturn remains in a sign for a longer time, as compare to other planets. Like Saturn remains in the sign Aries for almost two and the half years. So, we cannot judge the fate of all natives born in these two and half years all over the world, as negative and bad, due to the debilitation of the Saturn over this period.

Most of the times happiness makes person put full stop and doesn’t make him to think about his growth further. So, the exalted/happiest planet can also make person little lazy rather than boon.

That’s why the debilitated planets having good aspect or having “Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga” keep the native on track, to work on our abilities, pushing our limits, to prepare us for achieving the best and will always keep us focused on our goal. Debilitated or planets in inimical sign may initially give you hard time but deliver patience, perseverance, practical approach to life & endurance to the native. So, why not take it as a built-up phase of life?

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