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Service (Job) or Business in Vedic Astrology

In today’s world, people are usually torn between the choice of opting for a job or starting a business. A person who is bold, independent, strong in technical background and having a good financial support tend to show an interest in business. However, they may be skeptical about their future. On the other side, a person who is already employed, at some stage of his/her career journey may show the interest in starting own business. But, there some ambiguous situations might arise like whether to leave the service and then take up the business field or starting the business along with service. Thus, taking the bold decisions would be more difficult.

These uncertain thoughts can be cleared with the help of Vedic Astrology, as it reveals our path of destiny in every areas of life.

To start a business, generally, the Lagna (the native) should be strong enough to take risks, should be able to take the right decisions, and should have a good rapport with people. Mainly, Dhana Yoga – as the name depicts, your profit from the investments and also the success in accumulating wealth has to be present in their horoscope. If any of these have major issues then he/she might face setbacks in business.

If the 10th house/Bhava or Lagna itself has a strong relationship with service Bhava or 6th house in the horoscope, then it shows a clear indication of working under superiors or servicing for others and accumulating wealth for the future.

There are nine planets in Vedic astrology and they are also can be classified as below:

Independent Planets

SUN – Walks alone, courageous, KING, authoritative

MOON - New ideas, adaptive, speed, changeable

MARS – Pioneer, free spirit

High-Class Dependent Planets

Mercury – Flexible but obeys rules.

Jupiter – Always maintains its status without change and plays by the rules

Dependent Planets:

Venus – Always looks for comforts around it, lazy, pleasure seeker

Saturn – Hard working, anxiety, fear, conservative

Rahu/Ketu – Unstable or disturbs the independence

The above list is self explanatory for understanding how the planets on the jobs/positions are analyzed or can be related depending on their characteristics.

If your Ascendant/Lagna, the 10th house and respective lords are influenced by more independent planets then, it is likely that you would go for an independent business with your own investment. And if it connects also to the dependent planets, then you will own the business but you will be completely depending on workers and other resources to run the business.

The high-class dependent planets are like, they don’t want to invest money and they avoid taking huge risks, but they look for earning money by doing consulting jobs, or taking up freelance work, or commission seeking job or own training classes etc. If we take up some higher class jobs then, it represents real estate business, CEO of the company, public services, NGOs etc.

Dependent jobs are like having salaried jobs and working for superiors. The planets like Saturn, Venus Rahu and Ketu being dependent planets, indicates the service job than taking up the business. Here, Rahu and Ketu behaves (especially Rahu) independent when they are with Independent planets and vice versa when they are with dependent planets. Since, these planets disturb the focus and they cannot work independently hence they are under dependent section.

In astrology, 7th house signifies partner, partnership, business which can be collectively said that 7th house represents third person or an outsider; i.e., other than your birth family. It also says when you are charismatically able to sell your ideas, words, plans, products to the opposite gender, then selling your products to others will be very convenient and you will be successful. So it is not advisable to start your own business if the native’s 7th house is not in good shape.

Let us now analyze the horoscope of Mr. Steve Jobs for the rules discussed above:

Here, the Lagna is independent as the SUN is the lord of the sign Leo and its aspecting the Lagna too. The most independent planet is not aspected by any of the dependent planets, so it retains its characteristics. This shows the 7th house is strong.

The 7th house lord Saturn is also exalted. Thus, though here the planet Saturn is dependent, being 7th lord doesn’t deny the business. (Here we have to note that Saturn is not aspecting 7th house nor Lagna/Lord)

The 10th house is not influenced by any planets. But the 10th lord - the most dependent planet Venus is aspected by dependent planet Rahu and high-class dependent planet Jupiter and the dependent planet Saturn. This shows that in his professional area, he had to depend completely on his subordinates to get the work done as he was unaware of the software languages but the entire investment was from his pocket. But personally, he wanted to handle everything with his own plans and strategy of execution.

After the above basic checks, now let us have few more combinations/rules to confirm our analysis points based on the above explanations:

1. When the dependent planets influence the Lagna or Lagna lord or 10th house or 10th house lord (Career) then it indicates working in organization or under some other person - Dependence.

2. When the independent planets influence the Ascendant and/or 10th house and its respective lords then it clearly indicates that the person is free spirit and having his/her own work environment. Totally very strong Ascendant person - Independence.

3. For independence the 7th house must be stronger than your 10th house and also the 6th house.

4. The Ascendant/Lagna and the 7th house lords and also 10th house lord shouldn’t be in 6,8 and 12th Bhavas and also any of those shouldn’t be debilitated.

5. Good YOGAS like Gajakesari, Panchapurusha and yoga like Parivartana - between 1st or 7thand 11th then it’s a good indication of being independent. And this Parivartana yoga makes 10th house stronger, then, the person will be in CEO kind of position which belongs to high class dependent category as mentioned above.

6. If the 10th lord is stronger than 7th house then working for others supersedes working for oneself.

Lets us directly jump into the next set of rules and combinations that clears confusions on selecting Job or Business:

1. First, compare your 7th house of business with 6th house of services by analyzing the strength of the house and lords of the respective houses in Varga/Divisional charts too.

  • Position, placement (houses based on Kendra, Trikona)and directional strength of the planets

  • Check the strength in the D9 chart(Navamsha)

  • Then check the Strength in the D10 (Dashamsha) chart for the same.If both the lords show the same strength then go with the Natural strength of the planets based on luminosity. The order of the Natural strength of the planets is: SUN, MOON, VENUS, JUPITER, MERCURY, MARS, and SATURN. SUN is very brightest planet and then MOON…goes on. SATURN is the least in strength as it is darkest planet.

2. Next, check your accumulation of wealth (2nd house) and the profit/gain house (11th house) and lords for understanding their strength on supporting the same.

3. The 6th house is the house of your daily routines, works, services and the 10th house is the house of Profession. So, the placement of 6th house lord in 1, 3,7,11 indicate more towards taking up Business. Here 1st house is your interest and strong bonding in the respective houses, 3rd house says about your Prakrama (courage) to take bold decisions and effort.7th says how good you are at selling, interacting, keeping good relationships with society. 11 is your desires, ambitions, profit, gain etc.

4. And also if the lords of 1, 3,7,11 houses interchange themselves, then it directs towards business.

5. If the 3rd house is occupied by Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu it also supports business

6. If 1st lord is in 9th house then here it says he/she is a self-taught person which guides him/her to go with his/her knowledge and learning and also indicates taking up own work and executing it.

7. And next very important is analyzing the D10 chart- Dashamsha following the rules mentioned in this document. If this chart also promises business then it adds the positive count towards taking up the service.

Finally, the most powerful analysis which concludes the above findings, is analyzing the current planet period - Dasha-bhukti. If the current period supports more dependent planets then the person will be forced to work under someone but at the same time he can find his independence having his own work in parallel. We can also confirm the same through Ashtakavarga system.

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