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Significance of Deepavali

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Deepavali - means string of lights. The light is the avenger of evil forces (darkness) and signifies knowledge. Hence, it is celebrated to mark the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance."

The mythical and historical reasons behind Deepavali Celebrations are many –

  • Goddess Lakshmi is said to have emerged from the ocean at the time of Samudra Manthan

  • Defeating of Mahabali by Lord Vishnu

  • Killing of Narakasura

  • Return of the Pandavas

  • Victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and returning to Ayodhya.

It is also said that sages Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Muni Vardhamana Mahavira were enlightened on this very auspicious day. It is also a special day for the Sikhs as their third Guru Amar Das was institutionalized.

Astrologically, on this day the luminaries, Sun and Moon are in conjunction in the Swati Nakshatra, Libra Sign.

The Swati Nakshatra is a feminine constellation and is linked to Maa Saraswati as per Hindu mythology and represents music, knowledge, wisdom, arts etc - therefore, this Nakshatra ensures a happy time.

Symbolically, Libra is represented as a balance scale which means that this period promotes harmony. Planet Venus is the ruler of this sign. Libra sign rules the professional life, business, relationships, marriage and partnerships. Here, the Sun gets debilitated.

Sun is the divine planet and soul of whole universe (it is entire ‘you’ – the self). He illuminates the whole world. It represents soul, self- confidence, commanding ability, leadership, occupation, royal appearance, fame, power and recognition and also represents people and relationships that are strongly related to royalty and power. The debilitation of the Sun clearly says that this is the best time to let go off our ego and get connected to our inner light, our source of strength, good relationships on the emotional, mental and physical body levels, clean up or attend the unfinished business, with much needed blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi.

Hence, on Deepavali, it is believed that starting a new venture is very auspicious and also it is the best time to turn inward for contemplation and illumination which helps us to balance love, wealth, joy, good health and happiness in our lives. Lord Rama, Hanuman, Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi & Saraswathi are worshiped on this day to invite health, wealth and prosperity.

Lakshmi Pooja on Deepavali

During Deepavali, on Amavasya day/tithi, the Sthira(Fixed) Lagna muhurta is considered as the most significant muhurta to worship Goddess Lakshmi.

Vrishchika Lagna, Kumbha Lagna, Vrishabha Lagna and Simha Lagna are the main 4 sthira lagnas.

It is considered that Goddess Lakshmi keeps moving and doesn’t stay at one place. But, it's only during the sthira lagna muhurta, she is constant and doesn’t wade off. Among the sthira lagnas, Vrishabha Lagna is ruled by planet Venus and its Goddess is Lakshmi Devi and hence this lagna is considered as the best lagna to worship the almighty Goddess Mahalakshmi.

This Deepavali, Vrishabha Lagna timing in Bangalore falls on

27-10-2019 between 7:10 pm to 9:10 pm

Significance of GoPooja (Cow Pooja) during Deepavali

GoPooja (Cow Pooja) signifies the worship of Kamadhenu, the divine bovine Goddess who can fulfill all your desires as she bestows health and wealth too. Hence, performing GoPooja(Cow Pooja) is very auspicious. It washes away all your sins and fulfills all your wishes and desires.

The cow is also regarded as the form of Goddess Lakshmi and according to our ancient scriptures, various Devi-Devathas dwell in the various parts of the Cow.

During Deepavali, the Gopooja (Cow-Pooja) is performed on Karthika Shudhhapadyami day. This year Padyami tithi falls on 28-10-2019 and 29-10-2019

Let’s pray to the almighty to bless us with a wonderful life ahead. 🙏

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