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Solar Eclipse – 26th December 2019 - Effects and Remedies

The solar eclipse or the ‘ring of fire’ is on 26.12.2019. The planet Ketu eclipses the royal and powerful planet, the Sun (signifies our Soul).

The eclipse has a strong cosmic power to trigger the events related to our personal planetary placement in our horoscope. The Sun’s placement in our horoscope gets affected with the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu.

The duration of the eclipse influence:

The eclipse energy mostly prevails for a week before, or after the eclipse, the influence on events continues much longer - up to 3 months in advance or 1 &1/2 half year or it could be up to 3 years.

Effects: Many individuals feel anxious, restless and reluctant with no reason during the eclipse period. The major planets like Jupiter (wisdom), Mercury (analytics, decisions) and the Moon (emotions) are under the eclipse axis and will be affected. As a result, most of the individual’s wisdom, intellectual and analytical thinking, decision making and emotions will be disturbed and makes them assess or take wrong decisions.

Suggestions: Avoid all major events, traveling, functions, new projects etc during eclipse period. Take care of everything and be cautious at least from 25th December to 27th December 2019. Try to keep yourself calm and just ignore all negative stuff like rushing to take any major decisions or breaking relationships, or misunderstandings, conspiracies etc.

Simple remedies: The spiritual activities like Yoga, meditation, chanting mantras like Mrutyunjaya etc are the best remedies. Taking shower at the beginning and after the Eclipse will help to release the negative, unsettled eclipse energy. The eclipse also brings benefits depending on your personal chart. A stable mind and the spiritual activities will definitely balance and protect our mind, body and soul.

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