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Characteristics of Houses

Houses Astrology - Astronethra


Body and personality. Complexion, head, this birth, raising knowledge, vitality of body, Character, health, sleep, hair, joy, sorrow, innate nature.

Karaka Planet: Sun

Body Part: Head


Wealth,education,money,right eye,face,speech,family,grains,cause of death wealth,held or accumulated wealth, assets,food,precious stones,enemy. Karaka Planet: Jupiter

Body Part: Face


Siblings, courage, media, mental capacity, ability, communication, servants, attendants, journeys, initiatory instructions, parents' death, chest, right ear, small vehicles, small entrepreneurship. Karaka Planet: Mars

Body part: Shoulders


Mother nourishment, home, vehicle, convenient, happiness, agricultural land, maternal uncle, heart, relatives, cattle, comfort, water, bridges, hidden treasures, entrance of house, decisions, development, cattle, nephew. Karaka Planet: Moon, Venus

Body Part: Heart


Amulets, sacred spells, learning, children, ability to manage affairs, uterus, life force, abdomen region, vedas, machines, next birth, higher education,eyesight, mantras, falling from positions(8th from tenth), love,chanting of holy hymns, means of earning money, worship, emotions Karaka Planet: Jupiter

Body Part: Stomach


Diseases, enemies, arms, thief, accidents, sins from bad deeds, disappointment, poison, humiliation, cruelty, blames, quarrel, revenge, hurting, fear, spinal cord, large intestine, anus, tiredness, mental disturbance, quarrel, blames, accusations, cousins, service, calamities, stomach pain, rheumatism, imprisonment, gout, urinary troubles, litigation, obstacles, debts, competitions, disputes, under privileged people, daily routine life, colleagues at work place, uncles, doubt about maternal uncle death, step mother Karaka Planet: Mars, Saturn

Body Part: Hip


Partnership, social communication, business partner, legal partner, Wife/Husband, desires and lust, loss of memory, adopted children, marriage, conjugal, unchastity, obstacles in travel, journey, trade, something vanishing away from sight, death, anus, semen, prostrate, foreign travel. Karaka Planet: Venus

Body Part: Space below Navel


Longevity, mangalya, leakage, mental depression, joint assets with spouse, in laws, death, re-birth, occult, dark hidden knowledge,mystery, fears, anxiety and insecurity, transformation, sudden events. This is the house of hidden secret and underground thing e. g. Gems stone, mines, ground stores, oils resource and graveyards. This is the house of crisis, sudden shocks and up and down in life, serving other people needs,wealth of the dead,details of knowledge of past and future lives, borrowing and lending, witch craft, unanticipated earnings, fear, punishment from government, series of bad luck, type of death, long term diseases, private parts of the body, separation, opposition, kidney disease, poverty, servants, forts, luck Body Parts: Private parts


Fortunes, religious, teachers & preachers, gods, parents, father, pilgrimages, visits to shrine, auspicious, medicines, last birth, great people, conjugal happiness, character, purity of mind, transportation, leaderships, hips&thighs, leaderships, long distance travel, university teacher, father teaching, higher education, your GURU, holy travel, respect for elders, donations. Karaka Planet Jupiter, Sun

Body Part: Thighs


Career/work/duty, authority over work, profession, fame, trade, government services, rewards, means of livings, sacrifices, agriculture, elders, victory, attraction, knee & knee cap, father, relationship with father, career, person image into the world, honor, living in foreign, debts, duties for parents, matter relating to father, rains KARAKA PLANET: Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars



Gains, money, friends network circle, professional network circle, source of gains,prosperity, elder brother,sister, improvements, discrimination,wealth, brothers of father, worship of gods, respect with good people, legs, left ear Karaka Planet Jupiter

Body Part: Ankles


Jail, isolation, foreign travel, one's own death, liberation, bed, loss, expenditure, sorrow, end, poverty, bed comforts, renunciation, imprisonment, sleep, loss of job, anger, knowledge about the enemy, foreign land, donations, imagination, subconscious mind, loss of money, spirituality. Karaka Planet: Saturn

Body Part: Feet

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