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Characteristics of Planets

Here we give a briefing on the 9 planets and their characteristics

SUN and its Characteristics

The planet SUN is related to the soul, self respect and fame, father, health, power, courage, high status, dominance, medicine, medical shops, medicine manufacturing plants , mountain, forest, Govt. officials, heart, stable mind, right eye (in males) /left eye (in females), head strong, active, advanced age, ancestral professions, Government service, charitable tendencies, gold, copper colored cloth, genius, short hair, light, manikya (a valuable stone), horses, grass, public life, forgiving, arrogant, impressive voice.

Disorders: Bone related afflictions, heart diseases, eye diseases, feared from enemies, headache, and sun stroke, severe type fevers, hereditary from father, brain, and bile.

Special Karakas: Atma, Pitru, Karma

Bhava Karaka: House 1, 9, 10

Bhava represents: Body Pitru

Digbala: 10th House South

Part of the Body: Head, Heart, Liver, Right-eye

Aspect: 7th House

Metal: Copper

MOON and its Characteristics

Mother, mind, intuition, emotions, beauty, grace, water, watery products, watery animals, all watery activities, milk, perfumes, left eye, cereals, silver, white cloth, agriculture, pearls, satwa guna, flowers, female, traveling. Moon has an auspicious appearance, beautiful eyes, and mellifluous voice. She is fair in complexion, has an emaciated body, is youthful, tall, curly and short hair, is learned, soft, beautiful, phlegmatic, amicable to friends, has pure (excellent) blood, is kind, fond of old ladies, fickle-minded, very fortunate and wears clean apparels.

Disorders: Low digestion, blood related diseases, female related diseases, health issues in infancy, inconsistent mind, tuberculosis disease,TB, cold, phlem, sea sickness.

Special Karakas: Matru, Manas, Blood

Bhava Karaka: House 4

Bhava represents: Matru(Mother)

Digbala: 4th House South

Part of the Body: Secretory organs, Breasts, Ovary, Left eye

Aspect: 7th House

Metal: Zinc/Silver

MARS and its Characteristics

Courage, will power, physical strength, friends, younger co-born, brothers, sisters ,risky ventures, police, army, surgical operations, adultery, fame, engineers, lands, fire mines, arm dealer. Mars is also the karaka planet of agriculture and farm houses, rashness, abortions, debts, sensual, government job. Dwarf, bright, multi liking, youthful, cruel, thirsty nature, bilious, marrow in bones and flesh, intelligent , courageous, accomplished speaker, adventurous and wrathful and is skillful in hurting. red-colored apparels, fire, tamasa guna. Good mars indicates - energy, independence, will & confidence, courage, good logical, ability, mechanical skills, scientific bends of mind, sharp wit, argumentative facility, administrative ability, physical strength and happiness from co-born.

Disorders: Blood related issues, irregular periods, cancer, leukemia, abortions, hysteria, bilious fever, feared from fire and arms, disease of spleen, hot & fiery complaint, surgical operations, and accidents. Afflicted Mars also indicates about unhappy married life, smallpox.

Special Karakas: Sahaja, Roga, Bhumi, Blood, Karma

Bhava Karaka: House 3, 6,10

Bhava represents: Siblings

Digbala: 10th House South

Part of the Body: Liver, Shoulders, Chest

Aspect: 7th,4th,8th House

Metal: Copper

MERCURY and its Characteristics

Communication, business, writing ability, all branches of learning, intellectual, humor, nerves, clean skin, trades, speech, maternal uncle & aunt, telecom, computers, psychology, nervous system, trade or business and astrology, author of books, puranas, pilgrimage, devotee of Vishnu, science of sound, magical talk, mathematics, sculpture, higher education, likes all food, clear in his speech and is pure and also says about how serious a person you are or a comedian.

Disorders: Diseases of skin and nose, itching and skin variation. Nervous weakness, hearing, speech, epilepsy, lunacy.

Special Karakas: Cousins, Intelligence, Nerves

Bhava Karaka: House 4,6

Bhava represents: Indebtedness (as in a favour received from others)

Digbala: 1st House East

Part of the Body: Nervous System, Skin

Aspect: 7th House

Metal: Lead/Bronze

JUPITER and its Characteristics

Knowledge, happiness, wealth, children, education, strong built, bulky body, astrology, indigestion, liver and spleen, vedanta, wonderful building, minister, penance, charity, helping nature, religion, religious ceremonies, judge, truth, temples, satwaguna, advocates, philosophers, bank officers, humanitarian, lecturers, professors of universities, education departments, gold, honorable, lofty ideals, fame, good abilities, expansion honored by kings, high morals, genius, happiness , learning, fruitful trees.

Disorders: Bronchitis, pneumonia, obesity, diabetes, hydrocele, water borne diseases. inflammations.

Special Karakas: Progenywealthknowledgekarma

Bhava Karaka: House 2, 5, 9, 11,10

Bhava represents: Dhana, Putra,Labha

Digbala: 1st House East

Part of the Body: Stomach, Spleen, Intestine

Aspect: 7th,5th,9th House

Metal: Gold

VENUS and its Characteristics

Marriage, wife, girlfriend, youth, beauty, vehicles, sexual pleasure, wealth ,fine arts, actors, artists, ministers, pearls, silver, attractive eyes, surapana (intoxicating drinks) interested in poetry, author, luxury, costly comfortable and beautiful beds, music, veerya (sperm), dancing, cinema, beautiful buildings, conveyances, scents, golden jewels, valuable cloth, dramas, adultery. seal, sealing authority.

Disorders: Venereal diseases, kidney, ovary, testicles, vision troubles.

Special Karakas: Spouse, Arts

Bhava Karaka: House 4, 7

Bhava represents: Kalatra

Digbala: 4th House North

Part of the Body: Reproductory organs, vision

Aspect: 7th House

Metal: Silver

SATURN and its Characteristics

Longevity, sorrow , misery ,uncle, obstruction, delay, laziness, falsehood, servants, tall and lean constitution, slow, adoption, death, destruction, iron, learning a language other than his mother tongue (language), untruthful, pleadings, angry, mental worry, cruel, bad friends, defective organ, agriculture profession, indigestion, yoga bhanga, debts, punishments, fines, imprisonment, travel to foreign countries, oil, representation of low caste people, failures, disappointments, loss of money, bad habits, smallpox, Kingdom, mean work, poverty, renunciation, sin.

Disorders: Geriatric problems, joint and movement problems, bone cancer, weakness of bones, tooth problems, hair, general weakness, long term diseases, windy diseases, paralysis, dental diseases Elephantiasis.

Special Karakas: Life Span, Karma, Moksha, Health

Bhava Karaka: House 6,8,10,12

Bhava represents: Ayushya, Roga, Moksha

Digbala: 10th House West

Part of the Body: Legs, Muscles, Teeth

Aspect: 3rd, 7th, 10th House

Metal: Iron

RAHU and its Characteristics

Outcaste, evil nature, lowest castes, secretive knowledge, possession of the material things, multi linguistic, unexplained fear, illusion, maternal grand parents. Disorders: Undiagnosable diseases, skin diseases, poison effects, depression, allergy, herpes, cancer.

Special Karakas: Maternal Grand Parents

Aspect: 7th,5th,9th House

Metal: Lead/Bronze

KETU and its Characterisitcs

Moksha , pilgrimage, thirst for knowledge of universe, inter-caste relationship, saintly, dog, paternal grand parents.

Disorders: Suicidal tendency, throat, speech, feet, infertility, allergy, herpes, cancer ,indigestion, bad dreams.

Special Karakas: Paternal Grand Parents

Aspect: 7th,5th,9th House

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